Website Design

Web Design

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My interest in web design started in fall 2012 when I enrolled in a web design course at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. This was followed by intermediate web design the next semester. These classes focused on front-end design in HTML5 and CSS3. My first job was rebuilding a website for a local Fairbanks company, SnowHydro.

Back in New Hampshire I continued to explore the topic, building the first version of my personal website and working with my high school art teacher on the art department's website. Recently I have adopted Node.js, php, and twig as my web design requirements have gotten more dynamic. This portfolio is built on top of Grav to streamline the development process.

Development Work

Snowhydro and ORHS Art

I have had two opportunities to develop websites for other people. Below you can find more in-depth descriptions of them.


During the winter of 2012, I met with Matthew Sturm to discuss the construction of a new website for his snow coring business, Snowhydro. He had built himself a website in the early 2000s using tables and other techniques popular at the time. Over the next couple of months, I worked with him to rebuild the site from the ground up, focusing on the logo.

After the meeting he gave me a tour of the permafrost tunnels in Fairbanks. It was an interesting job interview.

The development included product pages, about pages, and example uses of the products. I learned a lot about not only developing full-scale websites but working with customers as well.

See the site here.

Snow Hydro

ORHS Art Site

During Softmore year I started to work with an art teacher to build the department's website through an independent study. The teacher wanted to share student's artwork, post a tour of the department, and provide prospective students with descriptions of the offered classes. After working with the teacher on and off Softmore year, we put together this site outline.


When we resumed working Junior year, we scratched the first site and decided to use Squarespace so the teacher could update the site after I graduated.

Personal Website and Beyond

Personal Website

I was inspired by friends in the great white north (Noah and Jasper) to put together a personal website. At the time I didn't have a clue what I wanted to put on it, but I started to hack away at it anyway.

After a month or so, I had a welcome page and an about me page. Eventually, I added a hack shack blog, but other than that, nothing was added.

I chose as a domain name to represent Alaska (AK) and New Hampshire (NH), both places my family had moved to and from numerous times.


Recent Development

Most recently I have begun to explore the power of Node.js and the MEAN Stack for database development and management. Using Heroku I have messed around with creating basic logging apps using the MEAN stack.